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Mrs. Salma Khanom Tultul, Dhaka Bangaldesh

Mrs. Salma Khanom Tultul, 31 years old, had a tumor in the brain, which was causing pressure on the eye, and eyelid was partially closed. She was a 32 weeks pregnant when she decided to undergo brain tumor surgery at Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon under the care of Dr. Sandeep Vaishya. The surgery was well coordinated by the neuro surgeon, the radiologist and the gynecologist and it was successful however, after a week, when the patient came to the hospital for follow up care, she started feeling labour pain in the afternoon so we consulted the gynecologist, Dr. Kapila Mukta who advised for caesarian surgery and a baby was born next morning. Planmymedicaltravel.com coordinated both the surgeries at the hospital, assisted them with the birth certificate of the baby from Gurgaon Municipal Corporation, Travel pass from the Bangladesh High Commission New Delhi and Exit pass from FRRO office New Delhi. The PMMT team stood by the patient & her family 24 hours, gave every possible assistance at the local FRRO office Gurgaon and local Police station and went out of its way to ensure that they feel at home and have a hassle free treatment experience in India. The PMMT team also assisted in local sightseeing and shopping across Gurgaon and New Delhi. The patient & family flew back home safe and sound post after a seamless medical travel experience in India which was not possible without the round the clock support from Planmymedicaltravel.com team.

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