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Ahmad Al-shamrySalah al-din, Iraq

Ahmad had unbearable stomach ache culminating in regular blood vomitting, weight loss and tiredness which the local doctors were not able to diagnose at all with a few attributing this to piles, gastric and colon etc. with no relief in sight. Finally, he was referred to Planmymedicaltravel.com for planning his treatment. PMMT team consulted Dr. Sudeep Raina from Sarvodya Hospital, one of the best cancer surgeons in New Delhi & NCR region who after clinical evaluation, diagnosed this problem as a case of stomach cancer. The surgery was planned and executed well by the doctor resulting in 100% success rate. The patient was discharged from the hospital after 9 days. The PMMT team facilitated everything that the patient required under a single platform in a fast, hassle-free, professional and transparent manner.Mr. Ahmad is leading a happy and healthy life now with zero post operative complications reported.

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