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About Us

Plan My Medical Travel.com is one of the fastest growing medical travel planner start-ups in New Delhi. It is a brand name in facilitating a very high level of luxury service in Medical Tourism arena starting with the very best consultation services with the best doctors practicing in the top tier hospitals spread in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, NCR region including Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai.

We take pride in our unique capability of facilitating seamless Medical Tourism services starting with personalized Pre-Arrival services which specialize in ensuring that all the essential formalities for treatment are already completed and the roadmap for the treatment is ready thanks to our special collaboration with the doctors and hospitals who always go extra mile in attending to queries or patients enrolling through us.

We believe in providing extra convenience to our patients by arranging Airport Lounge reception upon request as a small step towards making them feel at home with a personal interpreter, deeply well-versed in the domain knowledge and local surroundings who is at your disposal round the clock.

All you need to do is drop a query along with your mobile number. We would take this further from here and our field agents would arrange everything else right from submission of your query with the best doctors in the top-tier hospitals and issuance of Cover Letter from the hospitals for your Medical visa to India along with total cost and hospital stay details factoring in patient’s needs and preferences and availability of doctors to guarantee best price for the customer.

What separates us from other interpreters and medical tourism companies in the industry is our passion for customer service and placing patients’ needs above everything else. We go extra mile in ensuring that our guests feel at home and the entire PMMT family leaves no stone unturned towards making their visit to India memorable and unforgettable.


Why Come to India?


India offers World Class Medical Facilities, comparable with any of its western counterpart nations. India has state of the art Hospitals and the best qualified doctors. With the world class medical infrastructure, the top tier Medical facilities, accompanied with the most compelling prices, we guarantee world class medical treatment at special discounted rates as compared to other individual interpreters and medical facilitators and other medical tourism companies. We challenge that no one else in India can offer a better treatment cost than we do.

India has become the "Global Health Destination". The cost of medical services in India is almost 40%-60% lower as compared to in Western countries and the cheapest in South-east Asia. Offshore medical procedures are conducted at as much as one-tenth the cost of a comparable treatment in developed countries.

For example, a bone-marrow transplant which would cost you around $250,000 in the US and £150,000 in UK will cost you a mere $26,000 in India. A patient can successfully get a gastric bypass surgery in India by paying just $9,500 as against a $65,000 price tag for the same in the US. It is also a good idea to avail a medical tourism package which would include airfare, accommodation charges and a visit some of the holiday destinations in the country.


Why Choose US?


  • Get detailed response to your query within 8 hours such as treatment cost, treatment/ surgery/ procedure success rate %, total stay in hospital and outside hospital

  • Free pick and drop services from airport to hotel and hotel to airport

  • Free local SIM calling cards with internet services to patients and attendants right upon arrival in India after necessary documentation
  • Best Price Guarantee as compared to other individual interpreters and medical tourism companies thanks to our special partnership with the doctors and hospitals
  • PMMT is not a name only; it is a brand in facilitating a very high level of luxury medical tourism services starting with the very best consultation with the renowned doctors in the top tier hospitals in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai regions such as Max Group Hospitals, QRG Hospitals, Metro Hospital, Fortis Group Hospitals, Artemis Hospital, Apollo Hospitals, BLK Hospital, Medanta (Medi City) Hospital, W Pratiksha Hospital, Asian Hospital, Paras Hospital, Jaypee Hospital, Manipal Hospital, Nayati Hospital, IBS Hospital ( Institute of Brain and Spine) to count a few only.
  • Airport Lounge reception upon request with a personal interpreter, deeply well-versed in the domain knowledge and local surroundings.
  • 24*7 Cab Service availability
  • 24*7 interpreter availability upon requirement

physiotherapist/ nurses/doctors/medical equipments upon request as part of our personalized after-care services

Sightseeing/ shopping of historical places inside Delhi and outside areas upon request


Why did we start plan my medical travel.com?


When we see around us, we see that a large number of patients from all over the world come to India for medical treatment as India has recently become Mecca of cost effective medical care services in the world in the last 10 years. However, we find that there is huge shortage of professional medical travel planners who specialize in providing personalized medical tourism services to the patients from all across the world who look forward to accessing India’s medi care services but unable to do so due to lack of access to reliable and trusted sources as not everyone has their acquaintances in India. We decided to take care of this problem and now we pride ourselves in being able to service patients from all over the world who go extra mile to make them feel at home by taking care of all their needs pertaining to their medical trip to India in the form of an educated opinion from the super-specialty hospitals and specialist doctors, exact treatment cost, required days of stay in hospital, procedure success rate etc right before taking their trip to India so as to enable them to focus only on getting better.

We do not burden the patients with information overload. Thanks to our deep industry insights and domain expertise, and language proficiency we are able to decipher what a patient needs, and which specialist he/ she should consult as a result of which we are able to service the patients more efficiently and proficiently.

We consult family doctors, friends and family, and we search the Internet. We collect all of the pertinent information onto a single platform and make it available to our patients.

Thanks to our association with the Medical Tourism industry since inception and our 10+ years of experience in providing medical tourism, translation and interpretation services to patients from all parts of the world, we are much better placed in term of our ability to facilitate personalized hassle free, affordable medical tourism services because we know what we are doing.

We travel, research and assess people and places that can provide effective and affordable treatment. We bring that information to our patients and solve their medical issues.


How are we different?


We carefully select all the hospitals and doctors keeping the needs and preferences of the patients above everything else. The patient is everything for us. We provide you with 7 star services, whether we are providing you with treatment advice, an expert opinion from expert doctors from top tier hospitals in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Bangalore and Chennai or language interpretation services.


Product Features:



Before we quote cost to our prospective patients, we first research, negotiate with hospitals, and eventually find an excellent doctor and place of treatment thanks to our special relationship as a result of which we are able to extract special discounts which not only meet patients’ needs and preferences but his budget too.


Alternative treatment:


Plan My Medical Travel.com prides itself on keeping the patients’ needs above everything else. We heavily leverage our deep domain expertise while dealing with a query. We do not hesitate to refer to the second opinion if the patient is reluctant to undergo surgery due to any personal reasons. With this approach, we are not only able to take care of the customer’s medical treatment needs at a lower price than not.


Difficult to treat:


One patient, who was only seven months old and needed liver transplant but could not get effective help despite trying many places abroad. We referred the case to one of India’s top consultants. Our team took the patient and the guardians to the consultant’s location in one of India’s top hospitals in Noida and ensured that they were satisfied about the care and comfort that they would receive. After delicate, persoalised care by the doctors and other support staff especially the PMMT team the surgery went successful by the grace of God. The patient baby boy who was from Iraq is now alive and 7 years old after undergoing surgery.

We provide our patients with all available options from world renowned specialists and some hidden gems, who we know because of our deep network in the healthcare world.

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